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What Will You Get?

2 Days - 3 Accreditations - 6 Assessment Tools

Our job is to make your job easy! DISC Accreditation via the Science of Self™ Accreditation will provide you with all the: 
  • Tools
  • Knowledge
  • Resources
  • Support 
to ensure you hit the ground running with DISC, Driving Froces and Emotional Intelligence.

The 3 Accreditations

Unmatched by any other assessment provider, when you earn your DISC Accreditation via the Science of Self™ Accreditation you will also earn your Motivators and TTI EQ Accreditations!

DISC AccreditationCertified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA)

DISC Accreditation

Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA)

Driving Forces AccreditationCertified Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA)

Driving Forces Accreditation

Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA)

EQ AccreditationCertified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst (CPEQA)

EQ Accreditation

Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst (CPEQA)

The Included Tools & Resources

The Science of Self™ Accreditation will provide you with the most comprehensive set of resources available to ensure you're up and running quickly and professionally:

  • 3 Internationally Recognised Accreditations
  • The TriMetrix EQ Manual
  • Complete DISC Facilitator's Notes
  • Complete Driving Forces Facilitator's Notes
  • Complete Emotional Quotient Facilitator's Notes
  • DISC & Driving Forces Activity Belts
  • Your Personalised 60+ Page Profile
  • Facilitation Process Documents
  • Coaching/Training Process Documents
  • Research and Validation Data
  • Unlimited Ongoing Support

The 6 Assessment Tools

DISC Accreditation via the Science of Self Accreditation provides access to more tools which means you have a toolkit — not a single tool!

1. DISC Profile

DISC Profile

A comprehensive personalised report exploring the four core DISC behavioural styles or HOW we behave and communicate.


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